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Every Dinner with the Doctor program you will hear an informative, insightful health talk by our resident, licensed physician, Dr. Mike Hollie, who specializes in lifestyle medicine and education. You will also enjoy a delicious, whole foods, plant-based dinner plus all the recipes, tips and lecture notes to help you on your journey to a healthier you! You’ll lose weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and learn how naturally delicious, healthy foods can be. Ready to start your new life?


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So many people have a misconception that healthy plant-based food is tasteless and bad, and that you suffer when you opt for that type of diet. What a lie! Here you will experience how tasty and yummy it is!


The lecture

Relevant topics like: Reversing type 2 diabetes, reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, losing weight, building your immune system and much more. Each health talk is supported by science-based evidence that will teach you how to have a new start in life.


All material provided

We don't want you to forget all you've learned when you get home, so we provide all the printed information from the program, plus copies of the recipes for you to recreate at home.

Dinner with the Doctor has been, for me, a valuable resource for learning that I can still enjoy food while eating healthier. DWTD was the catalyst for me. Now my wife can get her arms around me to hug me! She couldn’t for years.
— Joel Davenport, TENNESSEE

This program is what turned my health around and without DWTD we would have not been able to see through the fog of what our culture and media are promoting.

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Nutritional Fact

Soy: Friend or foe?

A generation ago, doctors would prescribe hormone replacement therapy for older women with brittle bones. The hormones helped to stave off the osteoporosis but brought a host of other problems in its place. Many women have decided that the increased risk of breast cancer and blood clots is simply not worth it.

But what about soy products? They contain what is known as phyto-estrogens (or “plant estrogens”).  Can soy products also increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and blood clots?

Researchers looked at over 9,500 breast cancer patients and found that soy foods were actually protective against the cancer. Those who consumed the most soy had the greatest chances of survival and also had the least chance of the cancer coming back after treatment.

And what about blood clots? Do soy foods increase them? Nope. It turns out that estrogen pills and the estrogen-like component of soy foods are treated very differently in the body.

And what about those brittle bones that inspired the use of hormone replacement therapy to begin with? Amazingly, soy foods can help with that problem too. Studies show that soy can significantly increase bone density.

Is it possible to get too much soy? Research suggests that up to 3 servings a day are safe and actually protective. Beyond that, we don’t have enough research to say.

So, don’t be afraid of a little soy milk. Unlike estrogen pills, the estrogen-like components in soy are actually beneficial to your health.